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Virtual Data Rooms vs. File Sharing Platforms

Thanks to the technological developments of the 21st century, access to the internet is almost worldwide. As a result, we can communicate on a much wider scale,...

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How to Choose a Virtual Data Room for Startup Fundraising

Fundraising is the backbone of any startup. That is what the development (or setback) of a business depends

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Why Use a Virtual Data Room for Commercial Real Estate Due Diligence

You wouldn’t buy a car or house without properly examining your purchase. So why would you purchase commercial

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A Guide to Choosing an Investment Banking Data Room

Virtual data rooms come in handy in many industries. Investment banks, in particular, find a very distinct set

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What Is a Data Room? Physical vs. Virtual Data Rooms

What is a physical data room? A data room is a secure space for storing confidential documents, typically for

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Why and How to Use a Virtual Data Room for an IPO?

Many privately-owned businesses go through the Initial Public Offering process, as they want to obtain more capital by

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