Ways to improve meetings using a board portal

Meeting management tools that can simplify communications

Businesses take a lot of care about organizing the work of the teams within the company. But they often forget about the board of directors that needs to be managed no less than employees. Then the phrase “effective board meetings” sounds more like a unicorn than a reality.

We all have been to meetings where no one is prepared for a fruitful discussion. Such events usually start with the rustle of paper – that’s everybody studying papers to understand what’s going on. Thus, the meeting takes much more time than it could take if participants were ready and acknowledged with all the needed information.

Fortunately, today we have a solution for this issue – board portal software. It was created specifically to help directors communicate and hold paperless board meetings. Using it, members can forget about all the hassle physical documents create and always keep each other updated on everything that is happening in different departments of the company.

As a result, directors can get ready for the meeting in advance studying all the required documents in the virtual board portal. Also, since they can share the information easily and with everyone at once, members will always be acknowledged with all the current processes and issues. Thus, when the meeting happens, participants can jump right to the discussion.

Board Portal

Sounds great, doesn’t it? Wait, it gets even better

With the board of directors, portal members can hold virtual board meetings since all the information can be shared through the software. Just use some software that allows video calls, and the remote participants of the meeting will feel like they’re in the same room with the team. Having full access to all the documents and information, they can discuss matters efficiently.

The board meeting software is also extremely handy when the company invites some third-party to the event. For example, you might want some expert to join the discussion and help you with certain issues. Then you can give them access to the board of directors portal so that they can study all the required information conveniently before the meeting.

Ensure effective board meetings

We know you’re already excited about corporate meeting software. However, we just briefly overviewed general moments. Now let’s dive deeper and learn more about this technology. We’ll start by listing the features:

  • a secure and convenient online storage for corporate documents;
  • different levels of access;
  • protected public and private chats;
  • polls and votings;
  • task manager;
  • meeting schedule;
  • reports;
  • high accessibility.
effective board meetings

Virtual repository

That’s where the board app begins. It offers a convenient and secure virtual space for all the corporate documents, and other information directors need. Keeping files here, users can be sure the data is reliably protected because the storage is secured with 256-bit encryption. Also, there are additional safety measures like two-factor authentication.

The manager of the board portal can set different levels of access for users deciding who can view, comment, and edit documents. The rights can be declined instantly in case if the device gets stolen or lost, or some other accident happens. It allows users to have full control over the repository. Additionally, the manager can see the activity of all users.

Communication tools

Directors can discuss matters in secure chats. And if they need to talk about something privately, they can create a separate small chat. Both kinds of chats are protected with the encryption and allow tagging documents for easy access.

Using the poll tool directors can find out what others think about certain processes or ideas, and even decide when to hold the next meeting. Once the date and time are set, the manager can add it to the meeting schedule so that no one forgets to attend the event.

As directors discuss matters on the meeting, they come up with new tasks that can be instantly added to the task manager. Then everyone can follow the progress and make sure actually to do what was decided during the event.

Useful insights

All the meetings can be recorded and stored in the board portal so that directors can access the records later and review them. It can help to solve issues or just give interesting ideas. Another useful thing is reports that show the progress of the board and company in general. These stats can also offer interesting insights.

Board management software

Board management software is already vital

Even though this technology might seem new, many companies already use it for a long time and can’t imagine going without it. A board portal improves the workflow and communication between directors and gives many opportunities for collaboration with third-parties.

Since most board software providers offer mobile apps, users can access the portal even on the road. That is crucial for modern businesses since directors travel all the time. Also, considering that more and more companies have remote members of the board now, such software becomes vital for them. It allows directors to hold efficient meetings and communicate without any issues even though there might be thousands of miles separating them.

But even if all the directors work under the same roof, they experience issues with communication because each of them has so many everyday tasks and problems in their departments, that they simply have no time to structure what’s going on and update others. This hardship is easily solved with a board portal. Using it, directors will quickly update others on the go or just show current processes with a task manager.

Board management solution

So as you can see, board management software is a huge aid for modern businesses, and it is cumbersome to manage the company without it. This technology is extremely straightforward, so you don’t have to worry that someone can’t use it. Even the least tech-savvy users will quickly learn how to interact with it.

And if you face any issues with the board portal, you always can get help. Service teams are available 24/7 so that they will come to the rescue at any moment you need them. You will get help quickly, and specialists will guide you through all the processes you struggle with. Therefore, you have nothing to worry about.