Digify Data Room


Typical customers:

  • Freelancers
  • Small businesses
  • Mid size businesses
  • Large enterprises

Seller: Digify

Year Founded: 2011

HQ Location: Quezon, Philippines

Free Trial: 7 Days

Demo: Yes

Multilingual: No

Not provided

Digify Data Room review

Digify is a virtual data room provider that provides secure file-sharing solutions to businesses worldwide. The company was founded in 2011 and has offices in Singapore, San Francisco, and Jersey City. Although Digify’s main services are VDRs, the company also provides many other digital solutions, including digital rights management software, email encryption, and confidential data distribution tools. 

Digify’s pricing is based on a subscription model, with the least expensive plan starting at $99 per month. The standard business solutions include a limited number of users, VDRs, and data room guests. However, if a customized solution is required, their enterprise plan offers scalable features for fast-growing companies. Additionally, Digify offers a free 7-day trial to ensure that the solution is a good fit.

Because the provider offers a variety of pricing plans, Digify’s data room is suitable for all-sized businesses.



Digify’s virtual data room is accessible via a desktop application for Windows and Mac, a mobile application for Android and iOS, and a web-based app. 

Data rooms are created manually from inside your account’s dashboard. It only takes a few clicks to create a VDR, tailor the settings, and set the appropriate security measures. Some of the features at this stage include an expiration date for the data room, dynamic watermarking for all documents, and screen shields.

Conveniently, the solution also allows you to manage files and integrations from within the dashboard. Officially, Digify supports Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, Gmail, and Outlook integrations. However, product integration services like Zapier claim to support dozens of other integrations with Digify. All these tools make it easy to collaborate with other team members.

A detailed statistics page that shows which files were viewed by each user. Tracking user activity has capabilities for monitoring the number of page views, downloads, and document printing to get an overview of how the data room is being. Digify also records a visitor’s location to better ensure document security.

  • Web-Based
  • Mac
  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Mobile app is not provided


Digify’s technical support team does not post their schedule for availability, — although users have verified that they are unavailable on weekends and holidays. You can get help via an online chat, contact form, email, or phone call. 

Additionally, it is worth noting that the support team’s availability is dependent on the subscription plan. For example, the Pro plan includes email and chat support, while the Team plan additionally includes phone support. 

Customers can also use Digify’s help center, which addresses frequently asked questions and common issues. The materials are provided with easy-to-follow steps — many customers solve their own issues without ever having to contact the support team.



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Online Help Center

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Digify’s VDR service includes a number of security features to protect valuable documents and corporate information. The provider claims to use an integrated approach to security, ensuring your content is protected by multiple layers. 

Primarily, let us have a look at the general security measures:

  • AES-256 encryption with 2,048-bit keys and advanced TSL protocols for your files
  • Envelope encryption with data keys and master keys for your data

Digify has earned the following certifications:

  • ISO/IEC 27001:2013 by Socotec
  • HIPPA compliance
  • GDPR compliance

However, levels of data security are available based on specific subscription plans. For example, FERPA Addendum is only available starting with the “Team” plan, while HIPPA BAA is available in the “Business” plan. Thus, understanding each plan in detail before committing will help to avoid data security issues down the line.

Digify is hosted on AWS, claiming to have power sources and backup systems with 99.9% SLAs and redundancy. Amazon Web Services are considered to be one of the safest options in the industry, so it best protects against any type of attack.

Simultaneously, this means that Digify automatically gets the following data center certifications:

  • FIPS
  • FedRAMP
  • FIPS
  • SOC2

Additionally, data room admins have multiple customizable security features at their disposal. These include many standard features such as access control, copy, print, and download blocking, dynamic watermarking, and NDA documentation. Data room overseers can fine-tune settings to meet company data security requirements.

As of 2022, Digify has yet to be hacked or face a data breach. Therefore, we can assume that this virtual data room provider works hard to maintain proper levels of data security.

Security Compliance:
  • ISO/IEC 27001
  • SOC 1 & 2