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This provider has multiple M&A Atlas awards. It operates since 1864 and has a vast experience in managing cumbersome processes for businesses. Among Donnelley Financial Solutions, you will find Microsoft, Facebook, IBM, Walt Disney, Starbucks, and many other huge corporations known around the world. All this information can easily sweep you off your feet. But let’s take a look at this data room and understand if joining all those big brands is worth it.

A Detailed Donnelley Financial Solutions Data Room Review

RR Donnelley virtual data room is called Venue, and we have to admit that it is a truly high-quality platform. Obviously, a 150 years long experience brings a lot of knowledge that allows delivering a robust service. Venue is a versatile data room that is suitable for any business process. You can use it as a due diligence or mergers and acquisition tool. Also, you can raise funds in it and manage your corporate repository.

The main treasure of the Donnelley virtual data room is built-in Artificial Intelligence that will automate contract review for you. It will extract the required data from documents to speed up contract analysis and make it more accurate. Actually, this feature can be applied to due diligence or, for example, lease abstraction as well. Donnelley claims that this AI named eBrevia can speed up due diligence up to 67%. Of course, customers wouldn’t try to calculate and track if it is true because such a job would consume a lot of time. We will just believe the provider here. Anyway, AI will, in fact, speed up things because computers are better at analyzing and dull searching. Thus, they can do it faster and more accurate than humans.

When it comes to everything else, Venue has rather standard features. Users get a custom search and repository organization that allows them to filter what files to display. Also, business owners can manage multiple projects in this data room, which is expected considering those huge corporations that happen to be using the RR Donnelley VDR. The interface is clean and easy to use. Therefore you won’t get confused interacting with it. But if you do face some issues, of course, the support team will come to the rescue at any moment. You can also get a personal manager to help you with your deals.

Now let’s get back to the fact that we’re talking about the old-fashioned provider. So here we have the same issue as with other dusty vendors – you can’t customize your data room. That’s frustrating, to be fair. All you can do is to add your corporate colors and logo to the interface and integrate other tools through APIs. Also, users don’t get notifications and can’t leave notes on documents.

On the bright side, Venue offers rather detailed and useful reports. Additionally, you will have a real-time audit. So as you can see, this provider has a nice balance of pros and cons. That’s why we advise you to ask for a free demo since there is no free trial.