Which data room provider is the best for due diligence?

Pros and cons of doing due diligence in a data room

Due diligence is a necessary but rather time- and effort consuming process. Fortunately, today, we have technologies helping us in almost every aspect of our work and life. Virtual data rooms are one of such tools that will bring a lot of benefits to a business. However, there are certain details that can spoil everything.

document safety

Your documents are safe

Using a virtual data room for the due diligence, you protect your corporate documents. VDR providers implement the most reliable 256-bit encryption to keep hackers away. Also, data rooms are packed with security features. First of all, there is two-factor authentication that will prevent unauthorized access. Additionally, the manager of the virtual due diligence data room can set different levels of access for users and control their actions.

Since due diligence is held often, it is crucial to protect data from different projects. And VDRs are great for this mission. Users, invited to one project, can’t access documents from another. Also, you can set an expiration date for their accounts so that they become inactive when the project is over.

software simplicity

The software is simple

It will take you literally minutes to set up a virtual data room for due diligence. Its interface is usually very straightforward so that even the least tech-savvy users can understand how to interact with it. 

But if someone faces any issues – the support team is available 24/7. You can even get a dedicated project manager who will go through processes along with you. Therefore, you have nothing to worry about because you can always get help instantly.

teamwork with data room

The teamwork is streamlined

With a data room, due diligence goes faster and more smooth. All the invited users will get notifications once a new document is uploaded or an existing one is changed. It allows parties to react quickly and respond to changes in no time. Moreover, users can leave notes and comments on documents – it serves as an additional communication tool.

A Q&A section is a nice collaboration instrument, as well. Here parties can ask questions to get quick answers. To speed up due diligence in advance, managers can gather all the frequently asked questions in advance and answer them. Thus, at the beginning of due diligence, invited parties to have already more information to work with.

vdr costs

Data rooms are not cheap

The price depends on the provider and the complexity of your needs. But no matter how simple your requirements are, this software costs money. Therefore, you’ll have to spend on it at least a couple of hundred dollars every month. But you should remember that it’s totally worth that.

vdr provider

The wrong provider will be useless

There are many vendors to choose from. And you should invest time and efforts to pick the right one. Otherwise, you’ll be stuck with the service that doesn’t fit you. Good if it’s only about your convenience. But if the data room doesn’t meet privacy standards you need, you won’t be able even to use it.

data room for the due diligence process

Select virtual data room for the due diligence process

So, as you can see, the trickiest thing is to choose the correct data room for due diligence. However, if you follow several simple guidelines, you will definitely succeed in your search.

needed vdr features

Define your needs

Understand, what do you need to have in the data room. Do you want it to be customizable? Do you need artificial intelligence in it? Or maybe you just need a secure space where you can keep your corporate documents and share them with others? Do you need a data room all the time, or just occasionally for short-term projects? 

Also, think about the specific requirements of your industry. For example, life science companies need their due diligence data room to support certain licenses. Not every VDR provider can satisfy the needs of all the business industries. That’s why you have to know what exactly you’re looking for. It will help you not to make the right choice.

vdr budget

Think about your budget

Different providers have different prices that are based on specific features and popularity of vendors. But ultimately, it’s up to you how much will you pay for the software because you can find the option that suits your budget. Therefore, you have to understand how much can you invest in this software to not feel restricted. This step is especially important for startups and new companies.

vdr reviews

Read reviews

Go beyond virtual data room provider’s website and look for genuine testimonials from customers. You can usually find them on dedicated sites, forums, or social media. Or you can go the easy way and read reviews we’ve created for you.

We do thorough research before writing a review. We study the background of the provider, find unbiased testimonials from its clients, and ask our fellow business owners about their experiences with data rooms. As a result, we can offer detailed and genuine reviews that will help you to choose a suitable vendor.

data room free trial

Use a free trial first

Once you’ve chosen a possible winner, don’t rush. Most providers offer a free trial – use it to understand if this solution truly suits your business needs. And if there is no trial, ask for a free demo. The provider will guide you through a virtual data room showing all the features and let you get at least a basic understanding of the software.

due diligence vdr

Check about the money-back guarantee

Most providers would offer a money-back guarantee to let customers feel safer. Check for how long does it last and pay precise attention to the virtual data room during this time. It is your chance to spot if the software doesn’t fit you and get your money back.

We hope these simple tips and our reviews will help you to choose the most suitable solution for your company. Be attentive to detail and always keep in mind what you need from the virtual data room. Then you will definitely end up with the right software.