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Intralinks is another experienced provider on our list. It exists since 1996 and can be called a true pioneer in this field. The fact that almost all Fortune 1000 companies prefer the Intralinks data room before others is a clear indicator that this vendor delivers a high-quality product. However, if it fits most businesses, it doesn’t mean it will fit yours.

Read the Intralinks virtual data room review to find out

First of all, we should mention that this provider focuses on streamlining the due diligence process. Therefore, if you need a virtual data room for any other purpose, it might be not the right solution for you. Although, make a decision when you finish reading this review because this software is rather good.

Since Intralinks Dealspace tends to work with large firms, it works on simplifying the most cumbersome business processes. Therefore, this provider is great in helping businesses with deals that involve tons of sensitive information. Of course, the technology behind the data room must be rather powerful to deliver a reliable and smooth service to clients. And Intralinks data room pricing reflects that. If you compare it to other vendors, the difference will be quite significant. Although considering that the primary goal of the Intralinks data room is to handle large projects, the price seems fair.

If you don’t need all the features for the most complex deals, you can stick to a cheaper basic version. And if you feel restricted using it, you can extend your data room with additional modules that are meant to solve specific issues. However, just taking a look even at the extended Intralinks virtual data room, you can notice that all the features are useful for due diligence. So if you need this software for, say, clinical study, you might want to see other options.

Another drawback customers highlight is the lack of customization. You can’t really make this data room to look and feel like something that is the part of your brand. It means no branded interface, no custom domain, no custom agreements. We didn’t even hope for the Intralinks data room login screen to be customizable, and our gut senses didn’t disappoint us – it is not customizable. Honestly, it is quite confusing because for all the money you pay for this service you’d expect to have all the basic features. Yet, you can’t customize your data room with Intralinks.

However, when it comes to everything else, the service seems perfect. Users can access the data room from their mobile devices. There are access security features – two-factor authentication, different levels of permissions for separate users and user groups, and multiple channel verification.

Also, you’ll have all the document maintenance-related features like automatic indexing and full-text search. Users can apply watermarks, set an expiration date for documents, and control document versions. There is a standard Q&A section, and the manager can see logs of user activity. So, everything seems to be fine here.

We advise you to use a free 30-day trial to understand if Intralinks fits you before paying a full price.