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The customers love this provider for the simplicity and functionality of the software. Securedocs focuses on the deal process trying to make it less cumbersome for the clients. But also, this vendor remembers that not everyone is adept when it comes to technology. So the result is brilliant – an easy to use virtual data room packed with all the features you might ever need.

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This provider has managed to create a truly versatile and convenient tool that will fit both large companies and smaller businesses. The Securedocs virtual data room is great for exchanging the information both internally and externally. And also, it can be used for all the business processes out there starting with due diligence and mergers and acquisitions, and up to fundraising and licensing. 

Securedocs is a great example of a minimalist yet highly functional virtual data room. It can be set up in just a few minutes without any struggle. Here you will have a clean, user-friendly interface that will be easy to use even for the least tech-savvy customers. Therefore, inviting third-parties to it, you can be sure they will not get lost or confused by this software. And if someone faces any issues, the support team is available round-the-clock. Users can just ask for help and get it almost immediately.

When it comes to the features, current users actually note that some standard features are missing. For example, there is no automatic indexing, and that’s the tool we would expect to see in every modern data room. But for some reason, Securedocs decided that it is unnecessary. However, plenty of other features compensate for the lack of automatic indexing.

In the Securedocs virtual data room, you will have the opportunity to set permission-based roles for users. Although, customers note that you can’t change permissions in bulk, which is rather inconvenient. You will have to go through users one by one to alternate their rights. On the bright side – the administrator of the data room can create unique viewing terms that invited third-parties will have to read before entering the repository. It will add another layer of protection and prevent unauthorized use of the information.

There is one more advantage to mention – custom notifications. You can choose when users are notified about the activity setting the trigger action. It will help you accelerate the deal and improve the workflow. And the audit tool will let you see who is viewing which files in the virtual deal room. You will see when and where did they access the information thanks to the IP address tracking.

Securedocs data rooms have another detail you should know about. You can upload only 1 GB of data at once. Of course, this restriction can be justified by the server load since the provider has many clients uploading files to servers all the time. Still, we believe that modern technology can solve this issue.

Overall, you will get a rather high-quality solution for a quite affordable fee. There is a 14-day trial we strongly advise you to take advantage of. Thus, you will understand if this vendor really fits your needs.