Virtual Data Room Pricing 2022

How much does a virtual data room cost?

Various vendors offer several virtual data room pricing options. It depends on the type of transaction or deal, the number of users, and storage capacity. The traditional pricing model charges per-page — a popular pricing strategy when virtual data rooms first appeared on the market.

Nowadays, the most popular online data room pricing model is subscription-based plans, where you receive a variety of features and a set storage capacity for a fixed monthly fee. However, depending on your project and the VDR provider, data rooms can be quite expensive. Some vendors offer VDRs for as little as $500/month, while others may charge thousands.

Average virtual data room prices range from around $99 per month. The basic plans usually include limited features and basic technical support. Some providers offer additional features for separate fees, while others include them in advanced monthly plans. 

It’s important to have a strict budget and research virtual data room costs to avoid hidden fees or unexpected charges. So before committing to a VDR vendor, compare pricing plans to find one that best suits your budget and needs.

Compare virtual data room pricing

VDR ProviderStarting Price Minimum Use PeriodTariff PlanFree Trial
iDealsNot providedNo minimum usage periodMonthly30-day trial
Merrill Datasite Not providedNo minimum usage periodPer-page pricingBy request
Citrix Available on RequestNo minimum usage periodPer user, per month14-day trial
Intralinks Starting at $25 per monthNo minimum usage periodPer monthPer page30-day trial by request
DealRoomStarting from $1250/month billed annuallyNo minimum usage periodFlat monthly fee14-day trial
WatchDoxNot providedNo minimum usage period​​Per user, per monthBy request
Firmex Not providedNo minimum usage periodMonthlyNot available
DigifyStarting at $150 per month No minimum usage periodMonthly7-day trial
Venue by DFINNot providedNo minimum usage periodPer-page pricingNot available
SecureDocs Starting at $400 per month billed annually3 monthsPer data room per month7-day trial
DroomsAvailable on requestNo minimum usage periodFlat monthly payment + additional feesBy request 
ClinkedStarting at $83 a month No minimum usage periodMonthly10-day trial 
OnehubStarting at $29.95 Per MonthNo minimum usage periodPer month, per team14-day trial
BoxNot providedNo minimum usage periodMonthly14-day trial

iDeals data room pricing

iDeals offers three pricing plans, including Pro, Business, and Enterprise

With the Pro plan, you can manage one project, have unlimited users, and leverage up to 10 GBs of storage. This plan works well for small to midsize projects. The Business plan offers one project, five administrators, guest users, and 250 GBs of storage.

The Enterprise plan allows you to manage multiple projects with unlimited administrators and guest users. This plan also includes flexible storage with a dedicated project team. Contact iDeals through their website to request more detailed pricing information.

Merrill Datasite pricing

Merrill Datasite prices its services at a premium. The provider offers a per-page pricing structure. You can contact a company representative to receive a customized quote.

Citrix data room pricing

Citrix data room provider offers four pricing plans, including Workspace Essentials, Workspace Standard, Workspace Premium, and Workspace Premium Plus

  • The basic plan, Workspace Essentials, costs $2 per user per month and offers SSO in SaaS, web applications, and multi-factor authentication.
  • The Workspace Standard plan is $7 per user/month and includes microapps, personalized feeds, and Citrix Content Collaboration Standard service with unlimited storage. 
  • With the Workspace Premium plan for $18 per month, you get standard functionality together with advanced security controls, unified endpoint management, and Content Collaboration Premium.
  • Finally, the Workspace Premium Plus, which costs $25 per user/month, includes all Workspace Premium functionality, but you also have access to the cloud management option for Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops.

Intralinks data room pricing

Intralinks VDRPro pricing starts at $25 per month, however, you need to contact a company representative to get a personalized quote. Intralinks’s services are considered expensive as compared to other leading VDR providers. 

DealRoom pricing

DealRoom offers four plans, including Pipeline Only, Single Project, Cross-Team Professional, and Enterprise

  • The Pipeline Only plan includes unlimited projects for $1,250 per month. The Single Project plan allows you to manage one project with unlimited users and 5GB of data storage for $1,500 per month.
  • Cross-Team Professional plan includes unlimited projects and users, pipeline management, and 20GB of data storage. Contact a company representative for a personalized quote. 
  • Finally, the Enterprise plan is a tailored solution for teams that have specified requirements. 

WatchDox (BlackBerry Workspaces) data room pricing

BlackBerry Workspaces has three editions — Send, Collaborate, and Secure Plus. 

  • The Send edition provides you with 20GB of storage per user, while the Collaborate and Secure Plus plans offer unlimited file storage.

The prices for BlackBerry Workspaces start at $15 as a flat monthly fee per user. To get more information about the pricing, contact a company sales representative.

Firmex data room pricing

The Firmex pricing model is flexible and cost-effective, contact a company representative for a personalized quote.

However, according to users, Firmex charges monthly and customizes feature and service sets to meet client requirements. To ensure proper data room pricing, it is important for users to outline their requirements and expectations. Potential clients may take advantage of their free trial period.

Digify data room pricing

Digify offers different Business plans and an Enterprise plan. Business plans include Pro, Team, and Business.

  • A Pro plan costs $150 per month for which you get 1 user, 3 data rooms, and 50 data room guests. The Team plan is $400 per month for 3 users, 10 data rooms, and 200 data room guests. And finally, the Business plan costs $1500 per month for 5 users, 25 data rooms, 500 data room guests, and other advanced features. 
  • Digify’s Enterprise Plan is a tailored solution with additional compliance and security features. Contact a company representative for a customized quote.  

Venue data room pricing

Venue offers three data room plans: Business Room, Virtual Data Room, and Custom Room

  • The Business Room provides storage for up to 10,000 pages, free and unlimited number of users, and basic data room features. 
  • The Virtual Data Room plan costs €1,499/month, which is billed annually. This package provides storage for up to 25,000 pages, more advanced data room features, and tech support. 
  • The Custom Room plan allows you to have multiple virtual data rooms for extended or limited durations and handle larger page volumes. You can contact a company representative through their website for a personalized quote.

SecureDocs data room pricing

SecureDocs offers three pricing plans: 3-month, 12-month, and Volume Packages

  • A 3-month plan costs $400 per data room per month, which is ideal for a short-term project. A 12-month plan specifically designed for long-term projects is $250 per data room per month. 
  • Volume packages are for multiple deals — contact a company representative for further details and a customized quote.

Drooms data room pricing

Drooms data room provider offers two plans: Pro and Custom

  • The Pro plan starts at $14.45 per user per month and allows 10 users and 3 GBs of storage. There is also a Custom plan, which offers unlimited users and unlimited storage — contact a company representative for further details and a customized quote. 

You can also add additional features to your data room for $5.60 per user per month.

Clinked data room pricing

Clinked offers four pricing plans, which include Lite, Standard, Premium, Enterprise

  • The Lite plan costs $83 a month (if billed annually) and offers a portal for 100 members, 100 GBs of storage, and allows an unlimited number of guests. The Standard plan starts at $209 a month (if billed annually) and offers additional features. 
  • With a Premium plan for $416 per month (if billed annually), you’re allowed up to 250 members, 3TB of storage, and personalized email notifications. An Enterprise plan costs $836 a month, where you get all functionality with 1000 members, 5TB of storage, and a mobile app.

Onehub data room pricing

Onehub offers four pricing plans — Standard, Advanced, Data Room Edition, and Unlimited Edition

  • The Standard plan costs $15 per user per month for 3 paid users, 50 workspaces, and 1 TB cloud storage. The Advanced plan is $25 per user per month for 5 paid users, 1000 total users, 200 workspaces, and unlimited cloud storage. 
  • Data Room Edition is $375 per month, and the Unlimited Edition costs $575 per month, which comes with unlimited paid users, total users, workspaces, and cloud storage.

Box data room pricing

Box offers individual and business plans. For individuals, the company offers two plans —  Individual, which is free of charge, and Personal Pro for $10 per month. 

  • There are four business plans, including Starter, which is $5 per user per month, Business is $15 per user per month, Business Plus costs $25 per user per month, and Enterprise. Contact a company representative for a personalized quote for the Enterprise plan. 

The first three business plans offer free trial periods.

Virtual data room pricing structures

VDR pricing structures are quite different depending on the provider. Here are the most common virtual data room pricing structures:

  1. Per-page. In this plan, storage usually costs between $0.40 and $0.85 per page. This type of pricing structure works well for small projects, which have a limited or set number of documents and users. With larger projects, per-page pricing data room providers may not be a good option as exceeding storage limits may incur steep additional fees. 
  2. Per-user. This pricing structure provides user licenses. Therefore, the more users on the project, the higher the fees. The prices vary depending on the provider. Some vendors offer a limited number of  users without charging extra fees. 
  3. Storage capacity. Storage greatly influences VDR pricing. Some data room providers offer a limited number of gigabytes. Exceeding these limits will incur additional fees. This pricing structure is good for smaller projects, which don’t deal with a huge amount of files.
  4. Flat monthly fee. Typically, the flat monthly fee plans offer a set amount of data storage, unlimited users, and specific functionality. Some projects and transactions may require flexible storage capacities and timelines. A flat monthly fee allows you to handle these projects without the worry of overage fees and additional charges.
  5. Flat monthly payment + additional fees. This pricing structure allows you to get more functionality, storage, or users without the need to change your subscription plan. You just pay additional fees separately from your monthly subscription.

Which VDRs’ pricing structure is the best?

Different pricing structures can work well for different projects. Businesses of all sizes should look for virtual data room prices that best fit their budget. For small, short-term projects, per-page pricing may work better, while for long-term and complex projects that require much storage and many users, it’s worth considering flat monthly subscriptions. 

Once you know your budget and the features you need to efficiently manage your projects, it makes it much easier to find a quality solution for a good price.